AAA Testimony PART 1 of 3

Red Light Camera Corruption
Copiague, NY

As this driver approaches the intersection of Great Neck Road and Dixon Avenue, she captures the manipulation of the traffic lights to "trap" drivers into getting tickets while jeopardizing the lives of pedestrians who absolutely do not have enough time to cross the street.

Green Light and Yellow Light times are deliberately shortened so drivers get caught crossing the red light. 

West Babylon Fire Chief (Part 2)

This video continues with Fire Chief reading a letter to Suffolk County from the previous Chief identifying all the problems with the RLC.

West Babylon Fire Chief (Part 1)

Peter McArdle testifies to Suffolk County Legislature that Red Light Cameras were not installed in the most dangerous intersections



AAA Testifies with problems regarding Suffolk County's Red Light Camera Program. Alec Slatky of AAA acknowledges there is an increase in rear-end accidents at RLC intersections after the cameras were installed. He agrees that if 95% of RLC tickets are issued for Right Turns on Red that is troublesome because that was not the original intent of the program. He also said New York State  introduced the traffic cameras as a "revenue" source for the counties. Suffolk County  refuses to provide accident data to AAA.

Corrupt Red Light Camera Court


AAA Part 3 of 3

AAA Part 2 of 3

...There's More!!! We will keep posting. We have more than three hours of video testimony in front of legislature by Angry Citizens. Every Day we will post more videos.

Fire Departments were never consulted

about dangerous locations

Fire Chief does not believe that Suffolk County chose the right locations