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Amendment 3 has the most recent changes and deletions to the original contract. We believe Amendment 3 was purposely written in a way that it is very confusing to follow to hide the fact there is a quota. Please read the detailed description below to understand how to read this Amendment.

In 2012, A New Quota was introduced in Amendment 3, Article IV in order to encourage Xerox to build up to 400 more Cameras at their expense. This quota as described in this article was added to Article I of the original agreement. Confusing? We paraphrased the language in Amendment 3 below to make it easier to understand and navigate.

AMENDMENT3, ARTICLE IV (you can find this on page 3 of the Amendment 3 File.) This section explains that they added a new Section 4-A to Article I of the original contract. This section explains the quota in detail. Anywhere you see a reference to a "Minimum Criteria" they are referring to a 16 hour period between 6am to 10pm on Business Days only. This is significant as you read the requirements in this contract.)

SECTION 4-A.1: Xerox Shall:

a. Design, Build, operate, and maintain between 50 and 400 new cameras meeting the Minimum Criteria as defined herin.

b. The Minimum Criteria shall be 25 video validated violations in a 16 hour period.


Xerox will conduct a site survey (video validation) of each potential new intersection.


Xerox shall conduct on a business day a 16 hour video validation from 6am to 10pm. (Xerox will not conduct a site survey on weekends, holidays, or weeknights. The contract stipulates all site surveys will be conducted only during the business days. There is absolutely no mention of accident statistics used as a criteria. An intersection that has the most accidents on a Saturday night might be ignored if it does not meet the minimum criteria of 25 violations between 6am and 10pm on a business day only. This section shows that Xerox only wants to test a potential new location on a business day and never on the weekend.)

SECTIONS 4-A.4 through A.6 : ( you can find this on page 4 of the Amendment 3 file)

Based on Video Validation Results, Xerox will install new cameras. (Remember to pass the video validation criteria, the potential intersection must meet the criteria described in Sections 4-A.1 and 4-A.3. Confusing? Xerox conducts the Video Validations and Xerox decides which potential intersections pass their test. Nowhere in this contract does it stipulate that Suffolk County will do their own site survey. Suffolk County allows Xerox to do their own survey to determine what intersections will produce the minimum amount of tickets needed. When they refer to Section 4--A.4, remember that section immediately refers to Section 4-A-3)

SECTIONS 4-A.8: (You can find this on page 5 of the Amendment 3 file)

If a Site (Camera) does not meet the "Minimum Criteria" Suffolk County must pay Xerox the fees mentioned in Article IV of the Amendment 3. (Confused? Go to page 7 of the Amendment 3 file and read letter "c" to discover that each camera that does not meet the minimum criteria,  Suffolk County must pay Xerox $2,132 a month and $17.25 for each ticket . Really confused? When you read about a reference to Article IV, what they really mean is Article IV of the original contract that was added by Amendment I and II but a section of it is now being replaced with this. Huh? Go to the bottom of page 6 of the Amendment 3 file to discover that Article IV, section 3 is being replaced with new fees from Xerox.

ARTICLE VII of AMENDMENT 3 (find this on bottom of page 6 of the Amendment 3 file)

Paragraph 3.2 of Article IV of the original contract is being replace with this:

3.2 Contractor Fees (remember, this is the new Article IV, paragraph 3.2 for the contract)

C. Suffolk County shall pay Xerox $2,132 per month and $17.25 per RLC ticket for each camera that does not meet the minimum criteria pursuant to Section 4-A.8 of Article IV of this Third Amendment.  (page 5 of the Amendment 3 file):