The Lesson for New York

The lesson here is that fatal car accidents are caused by other factors that cannot be prevented by Red Light Cameras! Drunk Driving, Texting while driving, Speeding are among the reasons car accidents happen.

However, Car Accidents and pedestrian deaths may be on the rise because drivers are stopping short at yellow lights, or gunning their cars, and not looking ahead but looking up at the traffic lights to make sure they make it. This risky behavior is dangerous.

Remove the Red Light Cameras because they are unsafe and actually changing drivers behavior for the worse. Our politicians are lying to us. This is a very profitable business for Xerox and other RLC vendors and this is putting more drivers and pedestrians at risk every day. They  do not care about our safety.

Rick Short

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  • In 2014, Accidents increased at 44% of the Red Light Camera Locations from the previous year.
  • Rear-End Collisions Increased by 42%
  • Cameras did not prevent fatal accidents at these locations, but they recorded them.
  • How could this happen if we were told they would prevent fatal accidents?

Download the 2014 Suffolk County Red Light Camera Report Here.


2016: Red Light Camera Could Not Save this man's Life.

2013: Red Light Camera

Could Not Save this woman's Life.

They Lied to Us. They told us that Red Light Cameras would reduce accidents. According to the 2014 Red Light Camera report, accidents have increased after the red light cameras were installed. Watch Hector Gavilla present accident data to the Suffolk County Legislature.

2014: Red Light Camera Could Not Save this girl's Life.

Fatal Accidents at Red Light Camera Locations

2015: Red Light Camera

Could Not Save this man's Life.