How Did They Vote?

Robert Trotta's Bill to Remove the the Red Light Cameras

Tom Cilmi (REPUBLICAN) joined Trotta to remove the red light cameras. He never supported the Red Light Camera Program.

(631) 854-0940 office

What are the Issues?

  • Personal Injury Accidents Actually Increased at 44% of the Red Light Camera Locations After Installation from the Prior Year (according to the 2014 Suffolk County Red Light Camera Report).

  • Rear End Collisions Increased by 42% at Red Light Camera Locations After Installation (according to the 2014 Suffolk County Red Light Camera Report).

  • Tickets are Issued by Xerox Employees and a "Technician" employed by Suffolk County with NO Law Enforcement Training. The Technician's Only Requirement is to have a High School Degree.

  • Most Red Light Tickets Are Issued for Right Turns on Red and not for intentional running of the red lights (the original purpose of this program).

  • Suffolk County is beholden to Xerox Corporation who operates the entire program for a profit at no cost to Suffolk County. (according to Contract between Xerox and Suffolk County)

  • Cameras that do not produce enough Tickets are secretly moved to New Locations  without any public notices in order to trap drivers. (according to contract with Xerox and Suffolk County Red Light Annual Reports) This is called Entrapment and it is illegal.

  • Suffolk County is illegally adding $30 to the RLC Tickets. New York State only Authorizes Suffolk County to charge $50. (according to section § 1111-b of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law and the Contract between Xerox and Suffolk County.)

  • There is NO Due Process. When a Camera records a vehicle running a red light, the State considers this a civil case between the vehicle owner and the camera vendor.  the Defendant (car owner) not given the right to face his accuser. There is no penalty against the driver's license or the driver's privileges in New York State.

What Can You Do?

Call your Legislator ASAP to demand that he/she vote to support Robert Trotta's Bill to Suspend the Red Light Camera program. They can override the committee if ten legislators sign a petition that Trotta will be drafting. . Tell them you are a Constituent and a voter. Let them know you will be watching how they vote. Please insist on speaking with the legislator directly and not just their office staff. Be respectful and polite. Let them know we are on to their scam.

Contact Your legislator Here

Speak at a Suffolk County Legislature

General Meeting or a Committee Meeting

This is a great opportunity for we, the people, to be heard. Below is a link to the schedules. During the Public Portion you have three minutes to speak on any topic you want.

Schedules for Suffolk County Legislature General Meetings and Committee Meetings

E-mail Blast Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone and the Legislature


Bill to Suspend the Program

Kate Browning (DEMOCRAT) loves the Red Light Camera Program that she originally co-sponsored. She serves the Incorporated Village of Bellport and the hamlets of Brookhaven, North Bellport, Yaphank, Shirley, Smith Point, Mastic, Mastic Beach, and Moriches.  Also covered in the District are portions of Center Moriches, Medford, Coram, Gordon Heights, Middle Island and Ridge. She is termed out and cannot seek re-election. her vote to keep the cameras was not a surprise.

(631) 852-1300 office

How Did They Vote?

The Good Guys
Tom Cilmi - voted to suspend cameras
Leslie Kennedy - voted to suspend cameras
Dr. William Spencer - voted to suspend cameras

The Bad Guys:
The following voted to keep the cameras.

Call them to complain:
Monica R. Martinez (631) 853-3700
Bridget Fleming (631) 852-8400
Kate Browning (631) 852-1300
Robert Calarco (631) 854-1400
Kara Hahn (631) 854-1650

Bridget Fleming (DEMOCRAT) is the new kid on the block. She unfortunately voted to keep the cameras despite the facts. We are very disappointed in her.  She serves South Fork of Long Island and includes the Towns of Southampton and East Hampton, as well as Shelter Island and Election Districts 32, 279, and 272 in Brookhaven Town’s East Moriches and Eastport. her district does not have red light cameras so she does not know all the issues.

(631) 852-8400 office

Monica Martinez (DEMOCRAT)is a big disappointment to her constituents who are being victimized by these cameras. She serves Central Islip, the eastern portion of Brentwood and a section of the Village of Islandia. This district is bounded roughly by Motor Parkway on the north, Fifth Avenue and Wicks Road in Brentwood on the west, New Hampshire Avenue along Candlewood Road and continuing east on the Southern State Parkway as the southern border and running along Broadway Avenue in Central Islip, including the Cohalan Court Complex, continuing north by Connequot Brook and Veterans Memorial Highway and Old Nichols Road to the Long Island Expressway as our eastern border.

(631) 853-3700 office

Robert Calarco (DEMOCRAT)is a follower and votes along with his party lacking any real leadership skills. He serves Patchogue, East Patchogue, North Patchogue, Medford and Gordon Heights. Smaller portions of Blue Point, North Bellport, Middle Island, Coram and Fire Island are also included in the District.  The District runs north to Middle Country Road and includes the southern shoreline within the following rough boundaries: Blue Point Avenue to the west and the Bellport Village line to the east. 

(631) 854-1400 office

The Proposed Bill

Legislator Robert Trotta proposed the following:
The red light camera program authorized by Local Law No. 20-2009, Local LawNo. 40-2012 and Article 7 of Chapter 818 of the SUFFOLK COUNTY CODE, shall be suspended immediately upon the effective date of this local law.

Click Here to Read the Bill

Legislators who Voted To Keep the Red Light Cameras in Suffolk County

Kara Hahn (DEMOCRAT)

Her vote was expected.  She serves Setauket, East Setauket, South Setauket, Stony Brook and parts of Port Jefferson Station, Terryville, Coram and Mount Sinai. Additionally, the district is comprised of the following villages: Belle Terre, Old Field, Port Jefferson and Poquott.

(631) 854-1650 office


This Bill was Rejected by the Public Safety Committee

and will NOT be presented to the Suffolk County Legislature for a Vote



Leslie Kennedy (REPUBLICAN) joined Trotta to remove the cameras.

(631) 854-3735 office


Legislators who Voted to Suspend

the Red Light Camera Program

Dr. William Spencer (DEMOCRAT) broke ranks with the County Executive Steve Bellone and  joined Robert Trotta to vote for suspension of the Red Light Camera Program in Suffolk County.

Contact Dr. Spencer to say thank you.

(631) 854-4500 office

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